Australia is an artistic nation. According to a recent survey by the Australia Council a large majority of Australians from all walks of life, 98% of us, are engaged with the arts. Of course, that includes music and theatre, but another art form that we love is visual.

Most people have some kind of canvas wall art hanging in their homes, it’s an important way to express ourselves and a kind of window into our psyches that gives visitors a deeper understanding of our tastes and feelings. Even without all the touchy-feely concepts, art on the walls is fun! If your home has too many bare walls it’s time to think about doing some shopping for some exciting, new art! Here are some ideas to help you choose art that’s going to make you feel good that you can enjoy for years to come:

First up is choosing the right size and scale. They say bigger is always better, and there’s some truth in that. Art that’s too small is a pretty common error and one that is immediately noticeable to anyone who walks into a living room to find a tiny print hanging isolated and overwhelmed by a vast expanse of empty wall! A good rule of thumb is to take a look at the size of the room’s largest piece of furniture, usually the sofa. A piece of art hung behind it should be at least 2/3 of its width. This rule can also be applied to a piece of art hung behind your bed.

If you have a favourite print that you just love and need to have on your wall, but it’s too small, you can have it framed with a large matte around it to make it look bigger! Choose a matte that accentuates the piece in colour and texture. Another option is to gather a number of smaller pieces that share some kind of theme or visual look, and create a gallery wall where they all work together to create a larger visual impact. All for one and one for all!

Regarding colours, while one should try to match at least some of the colours present in a room, it’s not necessary to do them all. Sometimes it’s even more visually stimulating to choose a colour that’s the direct opposite, or even a piece that’s done in black and white!

Enjoy your new art!