Sleep is an essential basic human need, just like drinking and eating. You need to have the right amount of sleep every day to function normally. You need it even more so when you’re tired and stressed out because it can re-energize you for the next day ahead. Overall, sleep is what can make you feel alive and functioning again. That’s why you shouldn’t take it for granted. So if you experience waking up in the middle of the night all the time for many reasons, then you must consider all factors. One of them is your beddings.

If you’re searching for the best bedsheets to use, then the top choice will be silk bed sheets. These are an excellent choice if you want to take your comfort to the next level. Plus, these are elegant and luxurious investments that you will want to add to your bedroom. You won’t regret making this investment. But before making a purchase, you must educate yourself on the types of silk fabrics used in these beddings. Let’s read more to find out.

Charmeuse Silk

The most common type of silk is Charmeuse silk, which is used for clothing to beddings. These are made out of cultivated silkworms, which are lightweight and has a natural elasticity to them. So it’s the ideal fabric to be used for pillowcases, bedsheets, and other kinds of beddings. There’s a smooth side, which offers a satin sheen to it. On the other side is a dull finish, which is coarse and not as smooth as the other side. Since it’s cultivated silk, silkworms are being farmed just to produce it.

Mulberry Silk

If you want to use the most prestigious and luxurious silk beddings, you must check out Mulberry silk. These are made from a specific type of silkworm, which is called Bombyx mori. This silkworm is fed a very strict diet of mulberry leaves, which is why the silk made from this silkworm is strong and offers a different type of soft finish. Due to its elegant status, the Bombyx mori has been bred in captivity for over 5,000 years. It’s being carefully bred for quality while only eating mulberry leaves, which makes the end product the very fines silk today.

Tussah Silk

The Tussah silk is a kind of silk made from wild silkworms that are not fed a strict diet. Therefore, the quality of silk that they produce is not top-tier. Instead, they feel duller and much coarser, and they’re not as durable too. That’s why these are not as expensive compared to any other type of silk since these are considered wild silk. You can get these from India, and not China.

Habotai Silk

Habotai silk is an ideal type of silk, which are great for making bedsheets and beddings. However, these are less expensive than charmeuse, and they’re less durable too. The Habotai silk is often “washed” with sand to make it feel as soft as charmeuse. But the washing process can also destroy the fibers in the silk, which means it doesn’t last long.

If you’re ready to choose your silk fabric for your beddings, make sure to check out the types of silk above. Mot silk beddings are made out of the ones listed, and you can enjoy your experience by choosing the best one for you!