The days of men being afraid to carry their girlfriend’s bags for them for fear of looking silly are long gone. Now, men are more likely to be carrying their own bags. Bags for men are one of the hottest trends in menswear right now. Not only are they popular on the runway, but they are also becoming even more popular among regular guys that you see on the street.

There are a few reasons why this trend is becoming more popular. Here is why you should get your own bag today!

Androgynous Style Is the Hottest New Fashion

For the past few years, the trend for men’s and women’s fashion has been to blur the boundaries between the genders. Androgynous fashion is becoming more and more popular, not just with masculine silhouettes for women but also with more feminine details such as lace, handbags, and even skirts for men.

Fashion icons such as Harry Styles and Bad Bunny, and even men in traditionally masculine fields such as hip-hop, are helping to popularize this androgynous fashion, but it’s a mistake to assume it’s just top-down. Ordinary men everywhere, even in Singapore, are embracing androgyny for its freeing nature and expressing themselves through fashion instead of feeling as if they have to be masculine.

Bags Are a Status Symbol

For decades, designer handbags have been a status symbol for women. The same is true for men’s bags as well, which now make up about a third of online resells of designer bags on some sites.

When you shop for bags for men in Singapore, you’ll find that many high-end designers are creating designs just for men, showing how fashionable this trend is among the elites.

Bags Are Practical

Finally, there is one simple reason that explains why bags for men are also taking off—men want to be able to carry their stuff too! Men don’t want to be limited to what can fit in their pockets, and bags are practical for carrying around necessities. These are just some of the reasons why it’s about time you got a bag for men.