The size of the refrigerator you choose will depend on the placement area and doorway through which you will need to move it to its determined location. Besides, when you look for a refrigerator, you must also consider your food storage needs and even the style. Refrigerators cannot be bought randomly and replaced until you get the right one. You just liked it so you bought it seems odd when you are in the market to buy an essential kitchen appliance. Be smart and pick the right refrigerators in terms of style and size.

On, you will come across refrigerators of various styles and sizes. Let’s look at some of the average sizes of each type to make an educated decision.

French door refrigerators

The unit has side-by-side door compartments on top and a wide freezer at the bottom. You can check modèle #LFXS28566S, a 3-door stain-resistant LG refrigerator with 27.7 cubic feet capacity. Its height is 68” and width is 35 ¾”. The fresh food compartment can be accessed through twin doors.

Side-by-side fridge

The freezer and the main compartment are adjoining one another. Upper shelves of both sections are easily accessible, which is a plus for many as they don’t need to bend to get things from the bottom. However, the shelves are narrow as the width has to accommodate both sections. The unit is a little wider than the top & bottom refrigerator style. The average width = 32 ¾” – 39 ¾”.

Bottom freezer fridges

The main section makes the 2/3rd part and the freezer is at the bottom. It is a good option for people with back pain. The unit is energy efficient as the main compartment helps the freezer hold its chilled temperature. The average width is 29 ½” to 32 ¾”.

Top freezer

The style is similar to a traditional refrigerator. The main compartment takes 2/3rd of the bottom space and the freezer is on the top. The shelves are wide and items can be accessed with ease. The average width is 28 ¾” to 32 ¾”.


For a streamlined look, you can choose a counter depth unit. It sits flush with the countertops giving an aesthetic look. The average depth is between 23” to 27”.

When you measure the width, depth, and height of the space even factor ventilation and clearance. Now, you are aware of the size you need to choose to measure the doorway/s you will need to move the unit through for getting it inside the house. Planning ensures that you buy the right style and size as well as you can get the large appliance inside the kitchen with ease.