No matter what your industry, Thailand has many excellent companies that export their products all over the world, and it can be an ideal place to find a company to partner with, in your industry. There are a lot of different products that you can source in Thailand, which can have a significant effect on your business. Below are some of the biggest exports heading out of Thailand that you can embrace and start to sell in your demographic, that may prove to be extremely lucrative.

Jewellery & Gemstones

When it comes to gold, silver, other precious metals, and gemstones, Thailand exports a lot of these throughout the world. They often will not ship the raw materials, but rather the finished items and polished gems that are sold around the world. You can buy silver earrings wholesale, handmade gold necklaces, or loose gemstones to resell within your market. If you are in the jewellery industry, then you may wish to look at some of the products coming out of Thailand, which is well known for the skilled artisans in the jewellery industry there.

Car Parts

The automobile industry in Thailand is an extensive one, and they manufacture and assemble many cars in the country. They also have many companies making spare parts for vehicles which can be a lucrative industry to be in, so it is also worthwhile considering exporting these from Thailand to your country. If you can strike up a good rapport with a supplier in Thailand, they can offer you a competitive price which includes shipping and can be the catalyst that makes your business even more successful.


Although Thailand is not famous around the world for creating ground-breaking technology, they are known to produce the parts needed for this technology to work. There are many electronic manufacturers in Thailand, making a wide array of different items, and in 2015 around 75% of all the hard drives made in the world were built in Thailand. As well as finished pieces, the components market is also significant, and many companies can supply integrated circuits and other components which you can purchase.

Raw Materials

You can also source raw materials in Thailand and have them shipped to your country, and the market is highly competitive in the Land of Smiles. Whether you are looking for natural rubber, rice, latex, or a variety of other raw materials for your business, you can source them affordably in Thailand which can give your business an edge over your competitors. Thailand is more than a beautiful holiday destination and is an excellent place to do business.