Emotions are often complicated, and one spends entire life sorting it out. But if you are already clear with your feelings for someone special, go ahead and take the first step. Some wedding proposals follow the adventure, some follow romance, and some proposals are overloaded with cuteness. To start with the best, the following proposal ideas can be taken into consideration: –

1.Treasure hunt proposal- One of the most unique, creative and exciting ways of a marriage proposal to propose to the love of your life is through a game with a surprise ending, and a treasure hunt is the best choice for that. To make the game look more interesting and fun, one could write up clues leading to a sequential journey to the ultimate surprise. The game can end romantically by you kneeling with a ring in front of your partner at the game’s final destination.

  1. After marriage ceremony proposal- One of the perfect time and places for a marriage proposal is after the marriage celebration. With everyone enjoying the moment and all your loved ones present there, you can take it to your advantage. To make it a perfect moment with a happy ending, you need to be prepared beforehand and confident about your decisions. Added to this, you should be clear while expressing your feelings in front of everyone.
  2. Silver screen proposal- One of the cutest and most romantic ways of marriage is expressing your feelings through the big screen at the wedding. With the right and appropriate content displayed on the screen, you can find your way to your partner’s heart. To make the scene even better, one can make the content filled with pictures of them being together accompanied by your partner’s favourite song.

We often over prepare for making the special day even more special. But when we try to manage everything together, we end up spoiling everything. Mistakes generally made during marriage proposal: –

1) Choosing the wrong place or time- Nothing can be worse than selecting the wrong place or time for a proposal. Wedding proposals are always a risky way of expressing one’s feelings towards someone. But if accompanied by the wrong time, place or audience, it becomes way worse than one can imagine.

2) Not being sure- By not being completely sure themselves, they are doing nothing more than sabotaging their existing relationship. To propose to someone at a wedding, one must be confident about their feelings and dare to admit and express the same. This will not only look confident but will also increase your chances of getting your life partner.

3) Ignorant about the person’s feelings- One of the biggest reasons behind the rejection of a proposal is the differences in how the two persons look and feel for each other. Sometimes, being on different pages and not feeling the same for the other becomes the most unexpected yet valid reason behind rejections.

Sometimes when you can’t travel or when the pandemic keeps you on the way, and you can’t visit the hotel, then you always have an option to bring the hotel to your home. The best proposal ideas at home are:-

  1. Your Playlist- One of the most romantic ways to propose to your special someone is to play love songs and allow them to follow the hints, and then you will have a set of songs which you can together play and romanticise your emotional connection with your special day.
  2. Best use of room walls- The best way to surprise, if you are shy to speak, is to write it down on the walls. When the person enters, it will take him/her to a state of plethora, and they will love it.
  3. A surprise party- Throw a surprise party in honour of your special someone, invite your family, and connect virtually if Covid keeps them away.

Love happens but proposing is the part where everyone struggles. But as we know, struggle and efforts brewed with emotions and nervousness make the proposal more intimidating. If you have decided to take the step, go ahead. If the love is true, a pandemic can’t stop you.