Shopping online seems to be the ideal way of shopping to many consumers who barely have time to visit malls. There are now numerous clothes sellers online that you can check out for latest designer clothes you may need. How do you however choose the one to use for your shopping? There must be a checklist of qualities that they should satisfy before you start filling the cart. Find out below the few features of Singapore shopping mall stores online that matter.

Payment methods

If you are going to shop from a site online then at some point you will have to make payment before the merchandise is shipped to your destined location. The problem with certain shopping sites is the payment channels they offer. You need to check out the payment methods listed on the site and if you can find any that you can use.

Diversity of cloth brands

You obviously want to shop online to check out what other people in other regions of the world are wearing. This will mean not limiting yourself to the local brands in the local stores. The best site you should use for your shopping must give you enough options to assess and choose the ones that best fit your style and budget.