The decision to get my pet dog was a very important and personal decision because I was ushering in a new family member. For me, it was exciting – though sometimes trying – adventure.  It was also a great learning experience and, to avoid unnecessary problems, things would have been so much easier if I had some basic knowledge about dogs and their requirements. Even so, a positive attitude came in handy since bringing my dog home was the beginning of a long-term relationship. The following few tips should assist you to get off to a good start with your new best friend.


There are hundreds of dog breeds with different temperaments and different energy levels. You, therefore, need to consider your purpose for getting a pet and its requirements before choosing a particular breed. Fortunately, there are very many online sites with invaluable information about the various dog breeds. Feel free to scheme through the vetsend dog breeds page to assist you in choosing a suitable breed for you and your family depending on your specific needs.

Dog Training

It is necessary to make training arrangements for your dog before you bring him home. The training should take into consideration the exercise requirements for the dog’s breed.  Prior training arrangement is important to avoid a situation in which your dog learns bad habits, which may be ingrained before the beginning of their training routine.

Visit a veterinarian

First-time dog owners often have some concerns about their dog’s health and nutritional needs. It is, therefore, important to schedule a visit to your veterinarian as soon as possible to check up on your dog and know if there are any potential underlying complications. Vets have a wealth of information and will address your concerns and give you the necessary information for your pet’s well-being. Note, however, that the costs of veterinarian services vary considerably but you can always find a vet who suits your budget.

Sleeping Arrangements

Your new dog or puppy will need to rest at night and, perhaps, during the day. For this reason, make arrangements for your dog to have a separate space, such as a kennel, that she can withdraw to if she finds the new environment over-stimulating. At night you may allocate a crate or some suitable bed next to you or in their own separate space, depending on the dog’s requirements. This should be done after making the bathroom arrangements for the pet.